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Fresh Fish Market and Seafood Shop in Perth

WestState Seafoods is a local family owned and operated fresh fish market, service and distribution company. Established in 1988 the company is based in Perth, Western Australia. We’re the fish wholesalers Perth residents and business trust for quality seafood of the highest standard.

WestState Seafoods supplies fresh fish to a diverse customer base including some of Perth’s finest restaurants, hotels, clubs and hospitals along with fish mongers and local wholesalers. We can supply all of your catering requirements wherever you are nationwide. With daily deliveries to the Perth metropolitan area and consignments to regional areas you can always rely on Weststate Seafoods fresh fish market.


Weststate Seafoods are a HACCP approved supplier, thus guaranteeing that our product is stored and maintained within the correct environment based on HACCP standards.

If you should require a copy of our HACCP certification, please click on the following link


Weststate Seafoods take pride in our extensive range, quality of product and impeccable service.

We have friendly, knowledgeable staff who are always happy to help in any way we can.


Along with carrying many well known, reputable brands, we also have our own branding in frozen seafood, predominantly fish fillets.
Our own brand is strictly quality controlled and maintained hands on by our team of seafood experts making sure that the product supplied to you in our “Starfish” brand is of the highest quality.


Trading Hours

Open: 7.00am to 4.00pm | Monday to Friday

Answering Machine provided for after hours orders.